Pattaya once again pledges to regulate Jomtien masseuses


Nearly 10 months after pledging to do so, Pattaya officials finally set up a committee to draft rules regulating the number of people offering massages on Jomtien Beach.

Deputy Mayor Ronakit Ekasingh, who on Jan. 28 promised such regulations would be in place by mid-February, started the process at a Nov. 5 meeting. He said a survey found 204 masseuses offering services in Jomtien, although more are suspected of working there. Even though many of those offering massage wear a standard uniform blouse, there is no regulatory body overseeing them.

The committee wants the masseuses to adhere to standards, set up a compensation system in case of any problems and form a “masseuse-free zone” on Dongtan Beach.

Ekasingh said limits of 2-5 masseuses will be set for the 4,333 lots in Jomtien. The Public Health and Environment Department was tasked with overseeing the system.