Woman hurt in necklace-grab attempt


An unemployed former security guard was arrested after allegedly snatching a necklace from a woman, causing her to crash into a minibus.

Visanu Suthum, 37, was detained by witnesses to the Sept. 25 incident near Chaimongkol Temple in South Pattaya. Police arrived to find him and an injured Namtaam Kukhumayu, 38, who accused Visanu of stealing her Buddhist amulet pendant.

Victims point to the ex-security guard thief. Victims point to the ex-security guard thief.

The Chiang Rai native said she was driving her motorbike toward Walking Street when Visanu allegedly snatched the gold chain and amulet. She then lost control and smashed into a minibus.

Visanu reportedly confessed, saying he believed the amulet was a “metal melting” charm he’d desired for a long time and he either planned to wear it himself or sell it, as he’d been fired as Pattaya city security guard and was out of work.