Woman arrested for pimping


Police raided a Jomtien Beach hotel to arrest a woman suspected of pimping underage girls, but found only legal age women.  However, since this is still illegal, they promptly arrested her.

Phakapan Phaopong was taken into custody early May 12 after allegedly accepting 2,000 baht from an undercover officer for the sexual services of two women, ages 18 and 20.

Phakapan Phaopong states her case to police. Phakapan Phaopong states her case to police.

While the two women were not underage, investigators later claimed Phakapan confessed that she previously had trafficked younger girls, charging each of her victims 500-700 baht to act as a broker.

With the undercover officer failing to actually catch her trafficking younger girls, police may have to settle for the lesser charge of brokering women for sex, also known as pimping.