Water crisis worsens in Pattaya & Sattahip

The water level at Huay Tu Reservoir in Kledkaew is critically low.

Pattaya and Sattahip district are facing with drought and shortage of water as the Huay Tu Reservoir in Kledkaew and Mabprachan in Pong sub-district, Pattaya hit bottom. Water trucks are everywhere as the Provincial Waterworks Authority is running out of options. Local water officials say they are trying to come up with alternatives.

The lush green jungle in the background contrasts with the dry bare rocks which are usually under water.
Residents in the area pump water from the reservoir through a large pipe, but how long will it be before the water source runs dry?

The watermarks on the pilings show clearly how critically low the level of water in the reservoir has become.
People can only hope and pray that the rains will come soon.