Video voyeurs spark more social media outrage with ‘sex’ clip


Social media fired up the protectors of Pattaya’s image again when yet another voyeuristic clip of foreign tourists engaging in overly amorous behavior on the beach went viral on the Internet.

Facebook user Kaiwit Treetara was the one this time uploading a “scandalous” video to generate “likes” for herself that had 25 seconds of blurry, grainy video of a couple making out on the beach late at night. No nudity was seen.

Enough already. Another Internet viral wannabe posted still another innocuous video in an attempt to stir up pseudo outrage among the masses.

The usual Facebook keyboard warriors posted their usual comments of shock and outrage.

It was not immediately possible to identify the lovebirds and police took no action on the video, which will quickly be forgotten after the next like-hunting videographer posts another clip. Pattaya police said they were unsure if the clip was even new.