Truck driver shot in attempted hijacking


A Chonburi truck driver was injured after being shot during an attempted hijacking in Pong.

Karun Chumnak, 28, suffered a single wound to the back May 4 on Highway 36. He was treated and released from Banglamung Hospital.

The driver of the 18-wheeler told police he had been pulled over by a car blowing a siren and driven by a man dressed like a plainclothes police officer. Thinking it was yet another shakedown by Thai highway police, Karun immediately offered a 50 baht bribe, but the suspect refused, ordering the driver to exit the cab.

Having heard stories of truck hijackings in the area, Karun refused. The suspect pulled a gun and fired once into the cab’s window. Karun said he hit the gas to escape and the would-be hijacker fired again.

Police said a Pluakdaeng gang has been victimizing trucks in that area.