Thai authorities raid lèse-majesté syndicate


Military and police personnel raided a house in Chonburi province, believed to be a lèse-majesté group hideout, seizing evidence and arresting two suspects.

The authorities searched house number 9/74 in Bang Saen’s Maha Nakhon housing estate, in the Chonburi provincial seat and found documents and CDs they said that would incite lèse-majesté among the public, along with documents and receipts for the purchase more than 100 military-grade weapons, including M79 grenades and launchers, AK47 assault rifles and explosives, as well as a list of high profile gunmen for hire and protest clothing.

Authorities found a cache of weapons at this house in Bang Saen.Authorities found a cache of weapons at this house in Bang Saen.

In a car parked in front of the house police found an 11mm handgun with 60 cartridges, and documents about setting up a radio station.

Caretakers identified as Apirat and Krishsuda Kunasaen were arrested. The authorities said the house belonged to Manaschaya Ketkaew, who has already fled the country.