Teen claims abuse by civil-defense volunteer


A Pattaya teenager claims he was kicked and injured by a civil-defense volunteer in full view of police, despite doing nothing wrong.

The 17-year-old boy said he and several school friends stopped at a Bangchak gas station on Central Road around 4 a.m. May 1 when they were approached by a group of Thappraya 2310 civilian volunteers, who demanded a search of their motorbikes.

A truck carrying police officers arrived as the youths were ordered to sit on the ground. One, however, said that, due to a leg injury he couldn’t.

He claims one of the volunteers then kicked him in the stomach and eye and police did nothing.

A search of the bikes and the boys found nothing and the teenager now wants police to take action against the volunteer.

Pattaya police took his report and promised to look into it.