Swede held for assaulting ATM


Police detained a Swedish man who allegedly busted up an automated teller machine after it refused to return his credit card.

Stefa W. Nilssow, 56, was taken to Pattaya Police Station around 11:30 p.m. Dec. 28 after his alleged aggravated assault on the Kasikornbank ATM on Soi 8.

Passersby called authorities when they saw Nilssow lifting and shaking the ATM, resulting in damage to its wiring and lights.

Police said the Swede explained he and his girlfriend had been drinking at a nearby bar when they realized they needed more cash. Nilssow inserted his card, but the withdrawal failed and the ATM captured the card.

He said he was simply trying to get the machine to release his card.

Kasikornbank was notified and asked to assess the cost of the damage.