Immigration raids Russian go-go bars, arrests 28


Twenty-eight Eastern European women were arrested for working illegally as go-go dancers on Walking Street, as Chonburi immigration authorities continued their crackdown on foreign visa violations.

Immigration and Pattaya police arrested six women at the Moulin Rouge bar and 22 at the Crazy Russian Girls go-go Dec. 29.

Police said they first were drawn to the two nightclubs by Malin Nouskaya Eluire, 26, from Russia, and Liebed Kristina, 37, from Kazakhstan, who they found outside on Walking Street working as touts.

Their employer, Boris Sokolov, 38, from Russia, also was arrested and charged with employing dancers without work permits.

All the dancers faced legal action ranging from fines to deportation.

The arrests of Russian dancers was not the first. Moulin Rouge was raided in July 2013 and 11 employees, including nine dancers, were taken into custody for the same offenses.