Still popular after 24 years


Dear friends,

I’m pleased to inform you that after 24 years of publishing, the Pattaya Mail is still a very popular read in the Pattaya and Eastern Seaboard community. Residents and visitors still look forward to getting a copy of the Pattaya Mail every Friday.

Our sales at stores are steady, and you’ll be amazed to know that we distribute thousands of copies to the expat and local communities through various channels ‘free of charge’.

Our thinking is we prefer to see the paper distributed and read widely rather than sitting on the shelves of supermarkets waiting to be bought. The more people read the paper, the more exposure our advertisers get.

This is very fair to all concerned.

Hence we still get hundreds of requests to not only promote but to also cover and publish community and commercial events in our newspaper because the Pattaya Mail is the most effective media to get the word out to the world at large.

We are very much advanced and have taken giant leaps into the world of digital media. Everything that we publish in the paper is reproduced on our websites and linked to our Daily Newsletter and all our Facebook pages.

The Pattaya Mail has and will continue to take a leadership stance in this town by informing the business community of the benefits of mainstream newspaper advertising and how to increase traffic and maximize returns.

In a business sense, Pattaya Mail is not just selling advertising space, but we are selling solutions to increased traffic and revenue streams in all forms of media. After all we are your preferred partner in business.

I thank my Pattaya Mail family for putting their faith and trust in me for all these years. After 24 most eventful and exciting years, we stand united to face the future of media in whatever shape or form.

I bow in humble gratitude to all that is sacred for giving us the strength and courage to carry out our noble work thus far. We pray that we are granted even more strength in our resolve to continue to serve our community for as long as we possibly can.

All we ask is for you to “Support your local newspaper, so that we may continue to support you.”

Pratheep “Peter” Malhotra

Managing Director

Pattaya Mail Media Group