Stateless Karen given four days at the beach


Stateless Karen youths left their northern mountain homes for Sattahip as Pattaya’s mayor sponsored the fourth “Taking Youths to the Sea” project.

Deputy Mayor Ronakit Ekasingh and other Pattaya officials welcomed the 40 hilltribe youths from Tak Province’s Umphang District, along with volunteers from the Learning Center for Self-Sustainability and Seed Farm on April 21 before leaving for their four-day stay at the National Scout Camp in Sattahip.

The project was held to give the stateless youths a chance to learn in a new environment and gain knowledge on morals, learning processes and developing their homes.

The youths gather for a commemorative photo with city officials before heading to the beach.

Luther Hatu, former children’s leader for “God’s Army” and currently a teenager living in Sweden as a refugee, requested help through the Seang Siam newspaper. Editor Athibodee Boonchari met with Pattaya Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome to arrange their accommodations.

Project manager Warisa Sinthusek thanked the mayor for his assistance, as well as the newspaper editor. She said the kids were excited to be on the Eastern Seaboard for a trip combining fun and education.


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