Sri Lankan officials study Pattaya’s economy


Officials from five Sri Lankan cities became the latest public administrators to study Pattaya in hopes of improving their management skills at home.

Three mayors were among the group of 34 city council members and public officials from Ampitiya, Ella, Manaragana, Patha Dumbara and Puttalan in town March 3 to study Pattaya’s business community and economic system.

Rungnapa Thapnonghi, director of administrations for Pattaya Hospital, chaired the meeting and explained Pattaya’s growth, its economy, policies and population structure. During the meeting, also attended by Pattaya City Council members, the Sri Lankans were awarded a key to the city.

City council members present a key to the city to the visitors from Sri Lanka.City council members present a key to the city to the visitors from Sri Lanka.

Rungnapa detailed Pattaya’s growth from a small fishing village into a tourist destination with more than 400,000 residents and millions of tourists. The economy has diversified into shopping, property and health care. The growth, she said, has required added emphasis on security, noting the city has more than 2,000 closed-circuit television cameras installed. Health care also has matured and now serves as a reason for tourism, she said.

The Sri Lankans were very interested in Pattaya’s yearly budget and curious about how the city grew so rapidly. Rungnapa said that Pattaya is provided approximately 150 billion baht yearly for economic use and maintenance of the city.