Administration students study Pattaya to improve management skills


Three city council members helped budding administrators understand the challenges of managing a major city when the Local Personnel Development Institution brought its 50th class to Pattaya.

Praiwan Arromchuen, Choosak Sriwatjanapong and Pichet Nongyai met with the 85 students from the Pathumthani school, which organized the field trip to develop the students’ administration capabilities and public-management skills by using principals of both and good governance and Buddhist dharma.

Visitors were given this view inside the workings of Pattaya City Hall.Visitors were given this view inside the workings of Pattaya City Hall.

Trip organizers said the presentations were aimed at giving administrators the skills and expertise necessary to implement new strategies of their town. During the training, students had the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences.

Hopefully, he said, the government workers will leave with increased decision-making capabilities beneficial in their governance during crises and to use as guidelines to solve issues and improve management skills.