Scotsman dead in apparent suicide


An Scottish man fired from his job after staying in Pattaya for three months died after apparently hanging himself in his Pratamnak Hill apartment.

The body of Michael John White, 27, was founding hanging from a luggage strap tied to a shower-curtain rod at the Press Condominium on Soi Ratchavarun Sept. 24.

Other than the fatal injury, the body showed no other signs of assault, although the apartment was torn asunder.

Girlfriend Pacharee Wapadthai, 24, said that before he died she had arrived at the apartment to find him engaged in a serious conversation on the phone. When he hung up, White told her that he’d been fired from his job with a security company in Ireland.

She said her boyfriend told her he could no longer financially support her and advised her to go home to Buriram. She refused, thinking White might do something drastic to himself.

He excused himself and went into bathroom. She thought nothing of it until some time passed and knocked on the door to get no reply. Security at the apartment house broke the door to find him dead.