Scenic Mabprachan draws Pattaya sunset watchers

Mabprachan Reservoir is once again a popular outdoor spot when the sun lowers and shadows lengthen.

Whether running, cycling or just relaxing, East Pattaya residents have found that Mabprachan Reservoir is a good place during the late evening.

A year ago, before the cycling track opened and drought nearly drained the lake, Mabprachan wasn’t as appealing. But now, both foreigners and Thais can be found around the reservoir, taking in the scenic view or getting in some exercise.

Some beer bars also opened in the area. “May,” one bar worker, said most customers are foreigners living in the villages around the reservoir on sois Siam Country Club, Nernplabwan and Khao Talo, and begin filing in from 3 p.m., drinking until 11 p.m.

The tips are good, she said, so things are looking up at the lake.

Now that the lake is full again, some find it a good place for a cold beverage.

Some beer bars also opened where mostly expat customers begin filing in from 3 p.m., drinking until 11 p.m.