Sattahip police search for 2 suspected of rape, attempted murder


Sattahip police are searching for two men who raped and attempted to drown a Phanasnikhom woman in Sattahip.

Duangruthai Krajang, 22, was found wandering near the Kathin forest behind the 700 Rai Market April 2. Wearing only underwear and a football shirt, she was bruised and bleeding.

Duangruthai’s sister, Sophia, took her sister home from Queen Sirikit hospital before the victim could file a report with police, but returned the next day to recount her sister’s account and urge police to find the men.

According to Sophia, Duangruthai had left the evening of April 1 for a date with a military serviceman and did not return that night. On April 2, she said two men, one of whom was tattooed heavily, attacked her and forced to take an unknown drug. After raping her, the men shoved her head the water to drown her. She only escaped after feigning death.

Duangruthai would not allow a physical examination, but gave police the football shirt she was found in. Officers said they may know who is responsible, but are investigating further.