Sattahip district to suspend workers caught driving without helmets


Saying local government workers should set a good example for residents, the head of Sattahip’s Khet Udomsak District told workers if they were caught driving motorbikes without helmets, they’d be suspended from work.

At a Feb. 4 traffic-safety workshop, Khet Udomsak Mayor Pairoj Malakul na Ayutthaya said bureaucrats needed to be versed in traffic laws, signs and signals. Workers, he said, needed to respect the road and the laws that govern it.

Khet Udomsak Mayor Pairoj Malakul na Ayutthaya. Khet Udomsak Mayor Pairoj Malakul na Ayutthaya.

To force employees to be good examples for the local citizenry, Pairoj announced that any district worker seen driving to work and not wearing a motorbike helmet or car seatbelt would be banned from entering the office, giving them a one-day suspension as punishment.

Pairoj said Sattahip’s well-know vehicle accident record requires cooperation from everyone to solve.