Sattahip cadets practice Fancy Drill routines


The Royal Thai Navy’s education chief reviewed a squad of Sattahip cadets preparing for the next Navy Fancy Drill performance.

Vice Adm. Pichet Thanasret called on Capt. Virath Somjit, director of the Chumphon Navy School, Jan. 18 to review the sailors participating in the 10-man drill squad.

The Fancy Drill was begun at the Thai Naval Academy and has spread to every academy and rating school in the country in the ensuing years. Each squad, in full dress uniform, marches in formation with either M-16 assault rifles or swords. There are four styles of performances: Weapons check, Korean, “falling leaves” and circle formation.

A Royal Thai Navy squad of Sattahip cadets prepares for the next Navy Fancy Drill performance.

The navy’s full Fancy Drill Club squad performs three times a year: On Children’s Day in January, the Nov. 20 Navy Day and at the annual Naval Academy – Kasetsart University “Seaman-Farmer Games” in November.