Road rage leads to gunfire, injuries on Soi Siam Country Club


Road rage turned into gunfire outside a Soi Siam Country Club restaurant after a motorbike driver slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting a pedestrian, then allegedly began shooting.

Cyclist Kitijaroen Swanyavisut, 33, was shot twice in the knee and foot outside the Samrit Service eatery Aug. 5 by Banglamung Police Sr. Sgt. Maj. Noppadol Chamathi after Kitijaroen allegedly fired four shots into air and restaurant, hitting construction worker Arthorn Bookboon, 34, in the arm.

The gunfight began after one of Noppadol’s friends, who was eating at Samrit with the police officer and two others, jaywalked across traffic to urinate. Kitijaroen stopped suddenly to avoid striking him, then vented his frustration with the pedestrian, sparking an argument.

Noppadol said he came outside and broke up the dispute, but – having lost face – Kitijaroen got even angrier, promising to return with a gun.

Return he did. Kitijaroen claimed he only shot into the air to scare the four men. Noppadol claims he shot into the restaurant intentionally. Whatever the case, Noppadol returned fire twice. Injured, Kitijaroen fled back to his So Mapyailia 24 apartment, where he was arrested calling for medics to treat his bleeding gunshot wounds.

Reporter got curious and so he went back to interview the investigator of this shooting case Pol. Lt. Col. Thanadet Duangtapiyachai at Banglamung police station who disclosed that on the night his team found 4 bullet shells of a 0.9mm automatic gun, and 2 shot bullet heads. The police officer said they all matched Kitijaroen’s hand gun. More info about the facts was being investigated.

Banglamung Police Superintendent Col. Somnuk Chanket – dubious about the many conflicting facts in the story – is now investigating the incident and is interviewing participants and witnesses to determine if Noppadol’s shooting was, in fact, legitimate.