Raving American arrested in Pattaya for 2nd time since March

Police were called to calm an over-excited ex-US Marine at his condo in Jomtien.

A former U.S. marine arrested in March outside the American embassy in March was jailed again in Pattaya after smashing up his Jomtien Beach condo.

Lucas William McCamy, 35, was raving incoherently when police and volunteers arrived on the eighth floor of the luxury condo tower May 22. His television, appliance and other personal properly had been broken.

Officers found bottles of prescription used to mitigate mental disorders and police theorized McCamy had not been taking them.

Police break out their personal control weapon to subdue the mentally disturbed Lucas William McCamy.

The marine-turned-school teacher was apprehended and placed under observation in March after placing a bag outside the gates of the U.S. embassy, sparking fears it was a bomb. Inside the bag, however, were only clothes and personal belongings.

Screaming about the coronavirus, he was hospitalized until his condition was controlled. The same likely will happen this time.

Police bring him in to the cells to calm down.