Police bust robbery gang led by online seductress


Pattaya police arrested a three-person gang headed by a Chachoengsao woman who allegedly slept with men she met online and then stole their cars.

Wallapa Puangmanee, 30 of Chachoengsao, Saranpat Narongpradit, 27 from Chachoengsao, and Prasertsak Thaptim from Nonthaburi were brought to a police press conference Aug. 4 where investigators also presented five mobile phones, a wallet, 50,000 baht and a Toyota Altis recovered from them.

Police said that Wallapa was arrested after an unidentified man filed a complaint with Pattaya police that she had stolen his Toyota after they met for a romantic night at the in Sugar Brown Bungalow 999 in Naklua.

The 3 suspects, led by the apparently alluring Wallapa Puangmanee (seated left), are brought out for the press.The 3 suspects, led by the apparently alluring Wallapa Puangmanee (seated left), are brought out for the press.

Wallapa confessed that she stole the victim’s car and she met the man through BeeTalk mobile-messaging service and had chatted several times before deciding to meet up at discreet hotel.

The victim was asleep when Wallapa took his belongings, including his mobile phone, cash and car keys, she confessed.

She said she took the car to Saranpat, who sold it to Prasertsak for 80,000 baht. Wallapa took 50,000 baht and 30,000 baht went to Saranpat.

After the arrest, Wallapa was convinced to call Saranpat and tell him that she had another vehicle to sell and police set up a sting operation. They met in Nonthaburi and Saranpat was cuffed.

He was then persuaded to do the same with Prasertsak and he was arrested when he turned up.

Prasertsak and Saranpat refused to speak to the police, but Wallapa told the police everything. She said they have run this racket ten times.

Police urged anyone who may have lost a car to the gang to contact the Soi 9 headquarters.