Pattaya scraps COVID-19 checkpoints for entry and departure

When travellers are stopped for temperature and documents check, there is a risk of transmitting the virus to each other, so the checkpoints have been scrapped.

Just a few days after the control measures were implemented, Chonburi Gov. Pakarathorn Thienchai issued an order May 4, to remove checkpoints leading into Chonburi Province which were set up to check travelers for fevers amid the latest coronavirus outbreak.

In his latest order, the governor stated that the checkpoints were potentially a bigger risk for both the travellers and the authorities as they could be contracting and spreading Covid-19 to each other through either physical contact during the process of checking temperatures or when documents are touched during inspection.

Taking this risk factor into consideration he ordered the lifting of all checkpoints set up to check people leaving and entering Pattaya and the province, effective immediately.

Banglamung District Chief Wuttisak Singhadecho added that none of the officers in Banglamung District and Pattaya were found to have been infected by the coronavirus during the course of performing their duties.