Pattaya School No. 9 celebrates 59th anniversary


Pattaya School No. 9 celebrated its 59th anniversary with an open house showing off the institution’s many achievements.

Principal Sornchai Khemkhaeng welcomed Deputy Mayor Verawat Khakhay to the Sept. 2 event entitled “Proud of Success.” Exhibits told the story of the school’s founding, student achievements over the past six decades and the awarding of a royal large-school award in 1996.

Attendees strolled through five sections of the exhibit, which covered the history of Luang Pho Bunmee Akhapunyo, former abbot of Phothisamphan Temple and founder of the school. Also shown was the HRH Princess Sirindhorn award, a show on good teachers and students, local information and games.

Current Abbot Punya Pattanaporn led the religious ceremonies and monks were offered lunch by students, graduates and parents to make merit.

The day’s finale was a rally attended by 2,000 students, teachers, parents and other guests. It was funded by Punya with help from Chumphol and Somnuk Palkawong Na Ayuthaya, former directors of Phothisamphanphitthayakhan School and former principals of Pattaya School No. 9. They presented 100,000 baht for construction of the Chumphol-Somnuk Palkawong Na Ayuthaya Cultural Arts Center. Niphon Udomrattanakullachai, consultant to Pattaya School No. 9, also donated 100,000 baht to the school’s educational fund.

Young students welcome guests to the 59th anniversary of their school.Young students welcome guests to the 59th anniversary of their school.

Two students received 2,000 baht scholarships: Pornaphat Phummueng and Nanthamon Sunthaleang, as their reward and motivation to continue studying hard and to continue creating great reputation for the school, as they did by winning a math competition.

Pattaya School No. 9 was founded as Wat Phothisamphan School on 11 rai on the grounds of the temple on Sept. 2, 1955. Initially the sermon hall was used as a classroom. In 1978, the government incorporated Pattaya City and the school was transferred to city supervision. It now offers classes from nursery school to Mattayom 3.