Pattaya preps for more rain

After the last storm and floods subsided, workers raised the steel gratings which were clogged with garbage, blocking water flow.

As another stormfront moved into Pattaya, city officials moved on the trash problem contributing to flooding that swamped the area last weekend.

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Deputy Mayor Pattana Boonsawad said at an Oct. 6 storm-preparedness meeting that large amounts of garbage were left behind on sewer grates once floodwaters drained Oct. 3. With heavy rain expected again through Friday, he ordered sanitation officials to get ahead of the trash problem.


Pattaya also prepared mobile pumps and work plans for city employees to keep roads clear and assist people whose homes and businesses are hit by floods.

Deputy Mayor Pattana Boonsawad chaired a meeting ordering sanitation officials to be prepared for the next storm, which could cause more flooding.


The amount of garbage clogging the sewers is phenomenal and there is no way to prevent it if negligent people continue to throw their garbage into the drains.