Pattaya police shoot out tires of fleeing Honda


A Bangkok man whose “friends” slipped him a mickey in a Pattaya bar was arrested after running a police checkpoint because he was afraid he’d been given an illegal drug.

Nopporn Sraprasert, 27, was taken into custody around 2:30 a.m. March 2 after an extended police chase that only ended after police shot out the tires of his Honda Civic.

The pursuit began when Nopporn failed to stop at a checkpoint on Soi Land Office. As he sped away toward Third Road, officers followed.

Nopporn Sraprasert said he ran the police checkpoint because he feared someone had spiked his drink with drugs.

Police tried to stop the vehicle, but were concerned about the safety of residents and tourists since Third Road bars were busy at the time – despite bars there being legally required to close at midnight. Officers somehow decided it was safer to start shooting at the vehicles tires.

The car finally came to a halt near the Pattaya Bus Station on North Road.

Nopporn told police he was out with friends drinking in a few bars and one put something in his drink. They later went for a ride around Pattaya and approached the checkpoint. He was afraid that drugs were put into his drinks. As he did not want to get arrested, he figured he should drive through the checkpoint instead.

He still ended up getting arrested and would be drug tested before any other charges were filed.