Pattaya plans exciting outdoor events as winter sets in; less rain, calm beach

The Pattaya Bikini Run held last week Oct 31 was a huge success while Pattaya City is preparing a queue of local events to attract tourists in the winter months (Nov-Jan).

Weather Forecast for Pattaya City and Eastern Part

7 days Weather Forecast

During 3 – 7 Nov, morning cool. Isolated rain. Minimum temperature 22-24°C. Maximum temperature 31-34°C. Northeasterly wind 15-30 km/hr. Wave height about 1 meter and above 1-2 meters off shore. During 8 – 9 Nov, cool wind, 1-3°C drop in temperature. Minimum temperature 19-23°C. Maximum temperature 30-32°C. Northeasterly wind 15-35 km/hr. Wave height 1-2 meter and about 2 meters off shore.

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At 4.00 a.m. November 3, Tropical storm GONI over the middle South China Sea or latitude 15.0 degrees north, longitude 116.0 degrees east. With its maximum sustained winds about 70 km/hr, it is moving west-northwest at a speed of about 20 km/hr. The storm is likely to make landfall over middle Vietnam by 5 November and to downgrade, respectively. More rain with strong winds will be expected for upper Thailand.

The weather is cool and perfect for outdoor events as there will be less rain in November and towards the year end.


7 days Weather Forecast.


Chinese tourists are gradually coming into Pattaya as the government is now working on allowing foreign tourists into Thailand via STV or Special Tourist Visa program.