Pattaya panics as authorities perform bomb drill


Images on social media about a suspected bomb at Bali Hai pier on Tuesday afternoon prompted messages from people all over the world to check on the wellbeing of loved ones in Pattaya.

The images showed members of the army, local police, and the bomb disposal unit from the Royal Thai Navy and emergency services at the scene but in the hours that followed the authorities reported that the whole ordeal was simply an exercise.

Pattaya panics as authorities perform bomb drillThe area was cordoned off for the simulation to be acted out

The premise of the exercise was that, a bomb had exploded and that another one had been found but had not been detonated this lead to a comment on Facebook that apparently 2 people had died in the blast. To give reality to the drill, smoke was seen rising above the clock tower, roads were closed and hospitals simulated in taking the injured to hospital.

Pattaya panics as authorities perform bomb drillTo add authenticity to the exercise, smoke was seen rising beside the clock tower

The authorities deemed the drill to be a total success and seemed unconcerned by the worry and anguish that the exercise caused on social media.

Pattaya panics as authorities perform bomb drillAt the end of the exercise all relevant agencies gathered for a group photograph