Pattaya-Nongprue trims street bushes, trees for better traffic visibility

Officials brought out heavy equipment to trim back grass, branches and tree limbs for safer commuting.

Nongprue Mayor Winai Inpitak continues to push for positive changes, this time increasing visibility at a dangerous traffic curve.

Winai sent out Nongprue Deputy Mayor Wanchai Sanngam and a team Aug 25 to cut back overgrown grass and branches that had been causing concern for motorists who were having a difficult time seeing oncoming traffic at the Tungkom Tanman Y-junction linking Nonghin and Nong Krabok roads.

Motorists, fearful of accidents, had been complaining about the route.

Winai invited his constituents to continue alerting his office to problem areas so that he might send workers to correct them. Complaints and suggestions can be made during normal business hours on the 1st floor of the Mung Nongprue Municipality Office or by calling Mung Nongprue Municipality at 038-933100.

Nongprue Deputy Mayor Wanchai Sanngam manages workers as they cut back intrusive foliage.