Pattaya motorcyclist ignores warnings, killed by train

A motorcyclist was killed when he ignored the barriers, lights and horns of the oncoming train at a train crossing in East Pattaya.

A motorcyclist who ignored flashing lights and the road barrier at a train crossing in East Pattaya was killed by it.

The unidentified 25-year-old was killed on impact with the train, which was travelling at 90 km/hr and took another half-kilometer to stop after the accident behind Thamsamakee Temple about 10:30 p.m. Jan. 1.

His Vespa scooter was found crushed under the locomotive. Witness Tantub Matanon, 27, saw the biker drive around the barrier and, despite the train engineer blowing the horn, the motorbike crossed the path and failed to dodge the speeding locomotive.

Engineer Weerawat Worawong, 43, said this was the 20th time in his career that trains have killed people who ignored safety barriers, lights and horns.

Rescue workers cover the body of the unidentified man run over by a locomotive at a railway crossing behind Thamsamakee Temple in East Pattaya.