Pattaya Immigration announces LIMITED VISA AMNESTY for now


In long-awaited news, the Immigration Bureau has confirmed that many foreigners will not need to visit its offices, at least for the time being.

Foreign tourists holding 30-day visa exempt stamps or 60-day tourist visas or 90-day nonimmigrant visas which have expired since March 26, are automatically extended until April 30 without paying any overstay fees.  Earlier social media reports that such foreigners would be automatically extended to June 30 are not true.  What happens after April 30 will be announced on the official Thai immigration website later in the month.

The 90-day report for holders of one-year extensions of stay is cancelled until April 30. They need neither attend immigration nor do an online report if their reporting date lies in the period March 26 to April 30 and without penalty.  Reporting 90 days for dates falling after April 30 will be announced on the official immigration website in due course.  Those who should have filed a 90-day report prior to March 26, but failed to do so, should attend the local immigration office and pay the 2,000 baht “late” fine.

Passport holders from Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar holding 14-day passes may remain in Thailand until one week after border posts reopen.  Also, holders of labour permits from these countries, commonly known as MOU (Memorandum of Understanding), have already had their permission extended to work at their specified employment place.

It should be noted that all foreigners whose visa overstay date began before March 26 are still subject to penalties and must visit their local immigration office as soon as possible.  It is understood they will need to pay the fine of 500 baht per day and then be extended automatically to April 30.

The Immigration Bureau states that all updates will be announced on its official website.  All foreigners with visa matters not covered by the above information, for example renewal of one-year extensions for retirement and marriage, should attend their local office as normal.