Pattaya Hollywood disco turns off lights again

Hollywood Disco, Pattaya’s well-known entertainment establishment, has closed temporarily for a second time after failed attempts to cater to the domestic market only.

Pattaya’s Hollywood disco has closed again after finding there simply weren’t enough people in Pattaya to keep the lights on after reopening following a months-long shutdown.

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Club executive Damrongkiat Pinitkan said Sept. 16 said they had reopened to give a lifeline to the many employees who were laid off when Thailand locked down for the coronavirus pandemic.

Club executive Damrongkiat Pinitkan said that their business depended on foreign customers who are not to be found in Pattaya due to travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most of the customers, however, were foreign tourists and the women who flocked to the club to meet them. With no foreigners, the few Thai tourists and locals the club drew nightly wasn’t enough to cover expenses.

However, the club said it would open its parking lot to be a food market where laid-off workers and others can sell food and other items.

The management has decided to convert the parking area in front of the disco into a market place, so the employees will have a place to make a living.