Pattaya grandma who pimped out 2 generations of girls faces arrest

Paveena Hongsakul speaks to Noi, who poured her heart out, saying that she too was pimped out by her mother Ning when she was young and now tragically her 16-year old daughter has also fallen prey to the evil grandma.

An arrest warrant has been issued for a Pattaya grandmother who allegedly pimped out her 16-year-old granddaughter to pay gambling debts.

Banglamung police sought the warrant from the Pattaya Court Oct. 6 following a tragic, generational saga involving the teenage girl, “Neung”, her 57-year-old grandma “Ning” and mother “Noi” and a local loan shark.

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The tale began on Sept. 2 when Noi contacted the Paveena Foundation for Children and Women after learning from neighbors that her daughter, who lives with Ning, had been sent to have sex with the loan shark identified only as “Eid”. For Noi, it was a resurgent nightmare.

She told the welfare agency that, as a young girl, her mother, Ning, had pimped out her as well to cover her gambling debts. Ning said she knew Ning remained a degenerate gambler but, for some reason, never expected she would do to Neung what she did to her.

The girl, Neung, confirmed that history had repeated itself and that she was forced to have sex with the loan shark in return for forgiving some of her grandmother’s debts.

Life has not been kind to Neung. She was sent to live with Ning after her mother and father divorced and Noi went to work in Pattaya. It was not a stable home. Nearly bankrupted by her gambling addiction, Ning forced Neung to drop out of school after sixth grade, claiming she had no money for tuition or supplies.

After learning what transpired with the loan shark, Noi tried to take back her daughter. She told foundation president and former social welfare minister Paveena Hongsakul, but Ning refused to relinquish custody and Noi felt she couldn’t argue with her mother.

Paveena Hongsakul, escorted Noy to make a report to Pol. Col. Pattanachai Pamornpiboon, Superintendent of Banglamung Police Station about the alleged human trafficking and rape of a minor.

The Paveena Foundation then intervened and removed Neung from her grandmother’s house, first sending her to the Pathum Thani Home for Children and Family. While there, underwent counseling and physical checkups for three weeks, was then sent to Chonburi Home for Children and Families and, finally, to the Kredtrakarn Protection and Occupational Development Centre in Nonthaburi, where she remains.

Meanwhile, Paveena began legal proceedings against the grandma and loan shark. Neung gave her statement to police Sept. 24 and police sent their case to the prosecutors to obtain the arrest warrant against them Monday, Oct. 5. Ning provided additional information to the police the next day.

Grandma Ning is to be charged with human trafficking of a minor, among other charges, while the loan shark faces rape and trafficking charges.