Pattaya creeps out for haunted Loy Krathong

Frankenstein’s bride makes an appearance on Walking Street.

It was a haunted Loy Krathong in Pattaya as Halloween this year coincided with the traditional Thai holiday of love.

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Ripley’s Believe it or Not at Royal Garden Plaza drew many who came out in creepy costumes to join the fun.

Maleficent enlists help to battle the evil King Stefan hiding somewhere on Walking Street.

Plaza staff provided 3-D face makeup for people, with fake blood and wounds proving the most popular choices among young people. Some kids went over the top with their costumes and makeup. Kids competed for both costumes and dance skills, winning Halloween prizes.

On the Beach Road side of Mike Shopping Mall, people in creepy dress joined to dance to Thai and international music, bringing cheers and smiles to participants and onlookers.

Pubs and bars on Walking Street organized special entertainment for the night as well. The multiple events organized by city hall and private businesses made the street lively again, if only for a night. Thai and foreign tourists came out after a quiet week to enjoy food and drinks and join friends new and old.

Though this year the number of foreign visitors was small, the foreigners seen were expats and their families who hung out on the street and joined with Thais to celebrate Halloween after sailing their krathongs earlier at the beach.

Bars downtown filled with ghouls and ghoulies on this scariest of nights.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not at the Royal Garden Plaza always put on a show for All Hallows Eve.


Even the walking dead need to keep in shape, and many turned up to exercise on Beach Road in front of Mike Shopping Mall.

The Wicked Witch of the East floats her krathong from Pattaya Beach.