Parachutist lands on Pattaya beach vendor breaking her leg

Manote Nongyai (left) Pattaya Deputy Mayor visits ill-fated Waree Makheng to comfort her for her injury caused by a parachutist landing on her during the Pattaya Fireworks skydiving show.

Pattaya officials may have thought it was a good idea to have sky divers land on a crowded beach during the recent fireworks festival, until one landed on a vendor and broke her leg.

Another example of poor planning and crowd management became evident Nov. 30 when Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai had to pay compensation and give a gift basket to the victim Mrs. Waree Makheng.

Waree was working near the drop zone blocked off by steel barriers, but located perilously close to the umbrella chairs.

As one diver descended, parachute lines dropped and wrapped around her, yanking Waree to the ground. The fall fractured her leg and strained her back.

This photo taken by an amateur photographer shows a parachutist landing on spectators on the crowded beach during the Pattaya Fireworks Festival last week.

She’s now in a soft cast and has a bruised sore back, but she must continue to work as there is no one else to bring in money.

Manote brought health drinks and an unspecified amount of cash relief.

He claimed she was injured in a freak accident that the city couldn’t have foreseen. But the city is still liable and will contact the sky diving company to arrange more compensation.

The skydivers were supposed to land on this large clearing on the beach, but unfortunately one parachutist strayed and landed on the crowd seen in the background.