Norwegian, 51, kills self, underage female passenger in early morning motorbike crash


A 51-year-old Norwegian suspected of drunk driving killed himself and a 16-year-old Thai female passenger in an after-midnight motorbike crash on Highway 7.

The mangled body of Hans Kristian Lundsvoll was found about 100 meters below the highway overpass where his smashed Honda PCX and the underage girl – who turned 16 in July – were found. Dressed only in a pink dress, the Srakaew girl died of a broken neck in the 3:30 a.m. wreck.

Witnesses reported Lundsvoll was speeding on the high-powered bike and driving erratically before the crash, which they said involved no other vehicle. The Norwegian apparently lost control, smashed into the side of the overpass and vaulted over the guardrail.

Police suspect the Norwegian was drunk at the time and have sent the body to the Forensics Institute for a final determination.

Police have notified the young girl’s parents.