Nongprue welfare fund posts annual deficit


Nongprue’s “One Baht a Day” welfare fund posted a 63,659 baht deficit in the past year, but remains solvent with more than 2.2 million baht in cash available.

At the Social Welfare Department’s May 13 annual meeting, sub-district Mayor Mai Chaiyanit reported the fund spent 476,795 baht to care for sixty members – including six births and 18 funerals – while taking in only 413,136 baht in payments.

The current balance is 2.26 million baht.

Nongprue Mayor Mai Chaiyanit, advisor to Nongprue’s “One Baht a Day” welfare fund, addresses the AGM.

The “One Baht a Day” fund was established to allow residents to contribute small amounts of money over time to pay for unexpected medical expenses and funerals. Revenue comes from member premiums and the government.

A pair of Nongprue’s “One Baht a Day” welfare fund members make their contributions.


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