‘New model’ of public relations detailed at Burapha open house


The rise of technology and mass communication in Thailand poses challenges in public relations for government and business leaders, commerce and P.R. lecturers told attendees at a Burapha University open house seminar.

“The development of science and technology, especially communications, has increased competition and changed ideas, customs and culture, resulting in both positive and negative impacts on Thai society,” Kritsanaporm Sermapnit, head of Burapha’s Public Relations Department, told audience members at the Nov. 4 session.

Commerce and P.R. lecturers at Burapha University address people attending their open house seminar. Commerce and P.R. lecturers at Burapha University address people attending their open house seminar.

Management of information is a key factor in developing countries and government agencies and the private sector need to develop new approaches to P.R., he said. By emphasizing information services, government can create a better understanding with the public.

The “Direction and Management Model for P.R. During the Next Decade” lecture was the first byproduct of an Oct. 12 joint operations agreement between Burapha’s P.R. department and the College of Commerce. The full course is being aimed at public- and private-sector communications officials as well as marketers managing all types of media. The course will be part of Burapha’s Master’s and Doctorate degree programs.

Banpot Wirunrat, dean of the College of Commerce said there are currently more than 6,000 graduate level students taking business courses throughout the country. To develop international interest, programs are being offered in concert with two colleges in Laos, he added.

During the free, open house session, lecturers stressed that the “new model” of public relations requires meeting the needs of various target groups and taking preemptive action. Providing timely information and monitoring the results is crucial, they said.

To do that, university officials told the public, P.R. administrators need to be well educated and armed with the latest techniques which, of course, Burapha’s courses can offer, they said.