Navy exercise focuses on marine rescues


The Royal Thai Navy drilled on how to rescue both people and boats during its annual training exercise in Sattahip.

Adm. Pallop Tamisanon, secretary-general of the Navy Operations Center, opened the exercise March 1 at the Sattahip Naval Base.

The training included real-life demonstrations of how to rescue boats and people at sea by boat and via air. Also, real-life operations of boat searching, radar tracking and how to tackle the situations were conducted as well.

Adm. Pallop said that the training is real-world and intense for three Sattahip divisions: the Battle Squadron, Nawik Yotin Corps and the Air and Land Combat Command.

The Royal Thai Navy perform drills on how to rescue people and boats during annual training exercises in Sattahip.

These divisions are trained regularly to improve their abilities to an international standard, which will benefit future real-life operations.

There were 8,000 sailors participating in the exercise, with 31 vessels, 14 aircraft, 90 combat vehicles equipped with weapons, and an additional 245 supporting vehicles.

The objective was to maintain sufficiency after completing the training. More training activities to improve operations, command and duty will take place again on March 14-18, and March 21-25.