Musician’s monument dance outrages Pattaya locals


A famous Thai musician hit a bum note with Pattaya residents after running wild during a music video shoot.

Jazz Chuanchuen had been granted permission to shoot a video on Walking Street on March 6 for his new song “Mae Yab”.

Everything was set up and municipal officers had been assigned to the area for security, but in a change of plans, the video crew and Chuanchuen decided not to use Walking Street and chose a monument on Beach Road instead.

Jazz Chuanchuen hit a bum note when he ran wild, insulting a monument set up on Beach Road commemorating the 1967 event when His Majesty joined the sailboat event at the 4th Southeast Asian Games here.

Footage of the film shoot found its way onto the Internet with images of Chuanchuen – bare-chested and wearing a skirt – dancing on front of the monument whist other crewmembers danced on the wall. The video went viral and many negative comments were made against the musician for his behavior.

Unknown to the team, the monument is of significant historical importance for Pattaya residents, as it was established by HM the King and Queen in 1967 when His Majesty joined the sailboat event at the 4th Southeast Asian Games. Disrespecting the statue outraged locals.

Chuanchuen and his crew apologized to Deputy Mayor Ronakit Ekasingh and residents on March 8, saying they meant no offense. He said he didn’t know the history of the site and accepted being charged with being a public nuisance and paid the 1,000 baht fine.


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