Multiple-test your knowledge of the Pattaya pandemic


The solutions all appeared in the online and print editions of Pattaya Mail in May.  Answers below after the quiz.

1. What is the current final date for the immigration bureau’s amnesty for visas and extensions of stay?

a) 31 May
b) 30 June
c) 31 July

2. Which transvestite cabaret star gave an interview to Pattaya Mail about life during the coronavirus crisis?

a) Eggz Benedict
b) Rebecca Glasscock
c) Dusty Bottoms

3. How many separate checkpoints on Sukhumvit Road appeared temporarily during May?

a) Six
b) Eight
c) Ten

4. Which movie was recommended by Pattaya Mail as a remedy for boredom during the lockdown?

a) The Wizard of Oz
b) Casablanca
c) The Pit and the Pendulum

5. Whilst prison visiting was suspended, how did the Ministry of Justice recommend inmates and relatives stay in touch?

a) Organize a mass breakout
b) Use the Line app
c) Rent-a-Drone

6. Which of the following penalties for breaking the curfew regulations was caught on camera?

a) Singing the national anthem
b) Clearing weeds from drains
c) Scrubbing down the police station

7. Which of the following excuses for breaking the curfew was reported in Pattaya?

a) Thought it didn’t apply if raining
b) Driver desperate to find a vet still open
c) Fleeing from wife with a carving knife

8. Which famous painted woman was caught wearing a face mask in Pattaya Mail?

a) Mona Lisa
b) Cleopatra
c) Marie Antoinette

9. What is the English translation of the registration application Thai Chana?

a) Thailand Loves Queues
b) Thailand Prefers Hassle
c) Thailand Is The Winner

10. What was the biggest shock during May according to Pattaya Mail?

a) Some electric cables are still above ground
b) Beach Road’s drainage project may be delayed again
c) Weather forecasts promising rain are invariably wrong