Motorcycle taxi driver robbed of bike


A female motorcycle taxi driver was robbed of her bike after being duped into driving into a secluded area in Jomtien Beach.

Jaruwan Songchan, 44, contacted police Feb. 9 after she said a Thai man in his late 20s stole her Honda Click motorbike outside the Rim Had condominium on Jomtien Second Road after threatening to kill her.

She told police she’d picked up the man on Soi Buakaow with the intention of taking him to a Soi Kophai pawn shop where he was trying to hock a television set. However, he came out of the shop saying he was unsuccessful because he needed his identification card, which was at a friend’s house in Jomtien.

Once they arrived, Jaruwan said, the customer said he couldn’t pay because he only had a 1,000 baht note. In the man’s pocket she thought she saw a weapon and when he demanded her motorbike she, she handed it over and fled.

Police reviewed the security camera footage at the pawn shop in an attempt to find the thief.


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