Mass Covid-19 vaccinations begin in Chonburi

Chonburi Governor Pakaratorn Thianchai greets the residents of Chonburi as they await their turn to be vaccinated.

Chonburi residents turn out to get COVID-19 vaccines on first day of mass vaccination

Mass coronavirus vaccinations began across Thailand Monday with Chonburi officials opening the province’s inoculation drive.

Gov. Pakaratorn Thianchai and Public Health Ministry Inspector-General Dr. Narong Apikulvanit joined provincial health and administrative officials at the provincial hall June 7 for the start of vaccinations.

The ministry announced Monday afternoon that 143,000 doses of AstraZeneca’s CoronaShield vaccine were administered in the first four hours at 1,000 locations nationwide.

At the Chonburi office, 4,000 people received their first doses in groups in 500. Those eligible were over age 60, had one of seven chronic diseases, worked in the medical profession or were monks and teachers.

Chonburi has only been given 24,000 doses this week to spread among 30 vaccination centers.

The vaccination area was well organised as thousands of Chonburi citizens got their COVID-19 shots this morning.

Chonburi has allocated 24,000 doses of Astra Zeneca for the first week with the intent of vaccinating a total of 28,800 people at 30 vaccination stations in Public and Private hospitals.

Those who registered to be vaccinated on Tuesday must wait for a text message to confirm the hospital still has supply. Across the country hospitals postponed appointments due to a lack of vaccine doses.

Chonburi is expected to receive another 12,000 doses in the third week of this month. (CPRD)