Manhole repaired after fatal accident

Rescue workers try to save Suriya Padaphan’s life after the accident, but in vain.

A Sattahip subdistrict finally fixed a damaged manhole cover, but only after a motorcyclist died driving over it.

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Khet Udomsak Mayor Pairoj Malakul Na Ayutthaya ordered road workers on Oct. 20 to immediately repair the steel grate covering a sewer on the outbound laneof Soi Bonkaiin front of Chaiyapruek Village ensuring it is more durable and level with the road’s surface.

The repairs came a day after Suriya Padaphan, 50, drove his Yamaha Mio – without a helmet – over the long-damaged grate, lost control, and drove into the side of a house, cracking open his skull.

A resident points to the damaged street grate that caused the death of a passing motorcyclist.


Khet Udomsak workers replace the grate over the man-hole with 2 thick concrete slabs to enhance safety for people passing by either by car or on motorbikes.