Mabprachan animal shelter solicits aid


A Mabprachan Reservoir couple caring for 150 abandoned and abused dogs says they need food and other pet supplies to keep the animals healthy.

The shelter, run by Derek and Maliwai Doyle, cares for 50 male and 100 female Thai mixed-breed canines. All sterilized, the dogs were either street animals or abandoned by their owners and many are gentle and docile enough to be pets again.

Blendi, a large brown-haired dog, is one such animal. He’s assumed the “alpha male” role in this motley pack, leading his followers outside each morning for food and play. Some of the dogs are too injured to move without assistance, so the Doyles have rigged up ropes to help them get around.

Visitors help by bringing necessities and doggy treats.Visitors help by bringing necessities and doggy treats.

Some residents and tourists do come by with medicine and food, but not enough, Maliwai said. Anyone interested in helping out with food and other supplies would be much appreciated, she said.

The shelter’s address is 24/1 M5 Tambon Pong, Banglamung, Chonburi. To get in touch with the shelter, call 089 505 7021; email: delboy [email protected] or visit the shelter’s temporary web site: