Lost toddler reunited with mother in Sattahip


A toddler who went for a stroll alone found himself lost in Sattahip and a distraught mother driving around the area looking for him.

Police were called to an empty field next to Sompong Village on Soi Sukhumvit 13 March 15 upon reports of residents finding a 3-year-old boy, dirty and without pants or shoes, crying for his mother.

Residents offered him grilled chicken, but the boy wanted only his parents. When asked where he was from, he simply replied he was Thai.

Finally, a distraught mother is reunited with her lost child.Finally, a distraught mother is reunited with her lost child.

Police initially believed the boy was abandoned by a migrant worker, and took him around to all homes within two kilometers, with no success. Then, hours later, a worried Arisa Saisukhon, 31, drove by on a motorbike inquiring about her lost child.

The toddler, now identified as Narawit Srisith, ran to his mother and confirmed for police she was his mum.

Arisa said the boy had wandered off, wearing just her shirt. He’d never strayed before and was thankful that Narawit was found unhurt.