Labor Day week sees a mini tourism boom for Pattaya


Low season officially may have started, but Pattaya saw a visitor rebound for the three-day Labor Day holiday.

Beaches from Bang Saray to Sriracha and Rayong were crowded April 30-May 2 with factory workers getting Monday off due to the holiday falling on Sunday. Others took the whole week, as May 5-6 were also legal days off for many.

Main roads into Pattaya were jammed during the day and many people were seen in shopping malls as well. Thai and foreign families sat on mats, under umbrellas and on deck chairs as others strolled the footpath.

Crowded beaches over the long holidays make for good business with vendors selling everything from kites to snacks.

Beach vendors did great business all around as people preferred to eat, drink and be entertained on the beach.

Ferries to Koh Larn also were completely packed, as most tourists who have already been prefer to spend quality time on the island and enjoy the beaches there. Snorkeling services were doing well too, since Thailand is at the warmest period and most people prefer to be in the water most of time.

Local hotels said occupancy rates jumped from 70 percent to 95 percent or even completely full for six days.

Sudarath Fuengkon, a local beach and deck chair vendor, said business was good and was expected to remain so through May 6, which was made a legal holiday by the government to coincide with Coronation Day on May 5.

Her chairs were fully booked out by regulars and walk-ins alike who wished to return the following day. Cool drinks were on demand and the food vendors weren’t doing badly either.

Somkiet Yuyen, a hawker who sells kites, said he has been creating his own kites for 10 years. The demand for the airplane-like kites were great as kids who come with their families prefer to run around the open beach area and fly their kites.