Koreans lose 300,000 baht to fake police


Two South Korean men said they were robbed of 300,000 baht by extortionists pretending to police trying to arrest them for illegal gambling.

Daniel Park, 35, and Lim Sang-Hyeok, 31, told police Dec. 18 they were watching football on television at the Chokchai Condominium when ten armed men came to their door claiming to be police.

Pataranan Pongwilai, who was also in the apartment, said the gang accused the Koreans of gambling and demanded a million baht to drop the charges. The victims said they handed over 300,000 baht in cash and then men fled.

The security guard at the condo, Sornram Nikrota, said he let the men into the building because they claimed to be police. They arrived in two Chonburi-registered vehicles. Sornram gave the license plates to police.