Knife-wielding woman threatens Pattaya somtam seller near Walking Street

Pattaya police confront the woman in the red t-shirt and green shorts in Walking Street trying to calm her down.

A Pattaya somtam seller escaped injury when he was attacked by a knife-wielding woman in his shop.

Kowit, the vendor, said the woman in a red t-shirt and green shorts began arguing with him April 12 and pulled out a knife swinging it at him and other employees, but missed. She then grabbed a butcher’s knife and lunged at Kovit, sending panic-stricken tourists and customers running away in all directions.

The woman broke items in the restaurant before fleeing towards Walking Street.
Police found the disturbed woman in Walking Street and tried to detain her. But the woman did not give up easily. She insulted the police and kicked one of them.

It took the men in uniform about 20 minutes before they could restrain the troubled woman and swiftly hauled her off to the Pattaya police station.

After 20 minutes of struggle, police were finally able to place the woman in the back of a police pickup truck to take her to the police station.