Keptang – The end of an era


Many long-term residents and visitors to Jomtien, will doubtless recognize Keptang, a large, white dog who did not consider rejection an option when, as a youngster, he took a liking to Bondi Bar on the beach (now a 7-Eleven cafe). Despite being rebuffed time and time again, he insisted that he was going to make Bondi his home. Eventually of course Keptang won and was reluctantly accepted (much to the disapproval of Flossie the resident dog), and soon became part of the family.

On the sudden departure of the owners of Bondi, Keptang was left homeless and, according to the then owners of Hook of Holland next door, he howled all night at the closed doors of Bondi and became a very distressed dog indeed. Luckily a Bondi customer had taken a liking to Keptang which was reciprocated and for the next 12 years Keptang was fed daily and all medical needs dealt with thanks to the support of Graham and Ken.

After a year or so of ‘sofa-surfing’, Keptang was unlucky enough to be ‘darted’ and removed by the dog-catchers. Where he was taken is not known but almost three months later, a very emaciated Keptang returned and shortly after was fortunate to be welcomed at BuBu Bar in Jomtien Complex (thanks to the owner Christian and staff). Every morning he would walk to meet his ‘carer’ and have breakfast (latterly at Sandbar Beach Restaurant). This was followed by a short car ride back to Jomtien Complex, to Blue Hawaii Café/Bar where he was welcomed by the owner, Khun Keaw, and had a second breakfast washed down with delicious iced water. Blue Hawaii became a second home and are thanked for their kindness.

Keptang died on Sunday 23 September aged (16?). Cremation has been arranged by BuBu Bar. He will be sadly missed.